Collection: Shed Shelving & Racking

Discover our wide range of high-quality shed shelving designed to maximise your shed's storage capacity. We offer a variety of sizes, configurations, and colours to accommodate your shed's space. Our durable shelving units are perfect for keeping your garden tools and plant pots organised while adding functionality and style to your shed. Organise and increase your space today at low prices with free delivery and a 5-year guarantee.   


    The Rhino Racking range has a full selection of sizes to suit your needs, from shorter or slimline shelving, through to extra-wide longspan storage solutions. No matter how big or small your shed is, we have a storage solution to suit you.


    Build your shelving to suit your current needs, with the option to adjust them if they change. Each of our steel shelving units are fully adaptable with adjustable shelf heights and configuration.


    These high-quality shelving units hold 200kg of evenly-distributed weight per tier - that's a massive 1000kg per unit. Each tier features a study MDF board that's supported with additional steel beams for extra strength and durability.


Less clutter, more shed space

Transform your shed with our premium shelving units and create a well-organised and functional space. Our units are designed to help you declutter and efficiently organise your garden tools and DIY equipment, so you can get the most out of your shed space.

High-quality shed shelving at low prices

Rhino Racking shed shelving units are engineered for long-lasting performance. Made with top-grade steel, these units support up to 200kg per tier (1000kg per unit!). Each shelving tier features robust MDF boards and extra support beams to handle the heavier items in your shed. Available with a galvanised, anti-rust frame, these shelves are designed with long-term storage in mind.

Quick & easy build boltless shelving

Benefit from the convenience of our high-grade shelving units with a hassle-free, boltless design that can be effortlessly assembled in minutes. No need for nuts, bolts, or screws - simply slot the beams together using convenient tabs and you're good to go. Our shelves arrive flat-packed for easy transport and storage.

Adjustable Shelving to suit your needs

Our freestanding shelving units are designed to support your current needs and are fully adjustable should they change. These premium shelves can be easily adjusted to accommodate the height of the items you are storing and can also be built at half-height if you are struggling for space in your shed. These shelving units can be attached together using the bay connectors provided, and have the ability to be attached to the wall for extra security.

Shed shelving in a huge range of sizes & colours

Discover our high-quality shed shelving & racking in a variety of colours and sizes to solve your storage challenges while adding style to your shed. Whether you need wide shelving, deep shelving, heavy-duty shelving, or space-saving racking, we have options for your shed & garden space.

Shed Shelving FAQs

What can I put on shed shelving units?

Our high-quality shed shelving units have a load weight of 200kg per shelf, that's 1000kg across the unit. You can store anything that doesn't exceed 200kg on each tier - including garden tools, plant pots, birdseed and more. We recommend distributing the weight evenly across each shelf to avoid bowing or sagging.

Can I join shelving units together?

Each shelving unit comes with two bay connectors that you can clip on to the sides of each unit to attach them together. The units can also be freestanding or attached to the wall.

Can I attach my shelving to the wall?

Yes - all of our garage shelving units can be fixed to the wall using screws or bolts, thanks to the convenient holes in each upright beam. However, we do not supply the parts to do this.

Can I assemble shed shelving by myself?

Yes - our shelves are easy to assemble alone thanks to their innovative boltless design, but we recommend getting somebody to help if possible! You can view our assembly guide here.

Can I add extra shelves to my unit?

Yes, you can add extra tiers to your shed shelving, as well as remove them if necessary. We have spares available for all of our units; extra shelves can be found here.

Can I remove a shelf if I don't need it?

You can remove or adjust shelves as and when you need to, without compromising the load bearing weight of the unit.