Rhino Racking is the one stop shop to get your storage sorted. We try to make the whole process as easy as possible, from finding what you need, through to getting your new storage all set up.

Part of this is making sure that the assembly of your units is always as hassle-free as possible. That's why we've got all of our assembly instructions available here so that you can always access them - in case of any misplaced or coffee stained booklets! 

There are also extra details included, and some videos to help you in case of any particularly challenging builds (or for those of us who find self-assembly a little less straightforward).

Read on to find the list of all self-assembly products, and simply choose the instructions you need and follow the link to find out how to build it!

Want to talk to one of our experts about assembly? Get in touch with our UK team here.

Shelving Instructions

View 75cm shelving instructions here.

View 90cm shelving instructions here.

View 120cm shelving instructions here.

Truck & Trolley Instructions

View T2 Sack Truck instructions here

View T3 folding sack truck instructions here