Declutter your home or business with durable wide shelving units. Available with boltless constructions, adjustable designs, and free next-day delivery.
  • 120CM WIDTH

    The Rhino Racking Wide Shelving range has a 120cm width, making it perfectly suited to help you store your larger, heavier items. Perfect anywhere where you have big, or lots or, items to store.


    Build your shelving to your needs with a fully-adjustable design, meaning you can space your shelving out as needed. Ideal to make sure you can store everything easily, even your larger items.


    Our Wide Shelving range uses multiple under shelf support beams to hold a huge 200kg of evenly distributed load weight per shelf - that's a massive 1000kg for a full shelving unit; giving you support for life.

The Rhino Racking wide shelving range has a long-span width of 120cm to help you store your larger, heavier items. All Rhino Racking shelving comes with an under-shelf "beam tie" support beam which helps all of our shelving hold a massive 1000kg of evenly distributed weight per unit; however with the increased width, our wide racking uses two of these beams to ensure that your shelving gives you support for life.