Browse great value boltless garden shelving units to keep your outdoor space organised. Available with free next-day delivery and a 5-Year guarantee.

    The Rhino Racking Galvanised Shelving range has a highly-durable, unpainted steel design, that offers a contemporary finish that. The steel is galvanised to give a rust-resistant protection from the elements.


    Build your shelving to your needs with a fully-adjustable design, meaning you can space your shelving out as needed. Ideal to make sure you can store everything easily, even your larger items.


    Our Galvanised Shelving range is capable of holding a huge 200kg of evenly distributed load weight per shelf - that's a massive 1000kg for a full shelving unit; giving you support for life.

Our garden shed shelving range is easy to assemble, fully adjustable, and manufactured to a high standard.

Whether you’re looking to store household items in your shed or a way to manage your tools, we have a storage solution that will work for you. Our space-saving gardening shelving range features height-adjustable shelves and modular designs, which means it’s easy to add extra shelves to give you more storage if you need it.

Our shelves feature an easy-build boltless construction that you can build in minutes without messing around with the nuts and bolts. Each unit has a galvanised steel frame that prevents rusting, making it the perfect fit for your shed or outdoor storage space.

Our gardening racks are flat-packed for easy transport and storage, available with same-day dispatch at unbeatable prices with a 5-Year guarantee.

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Garden Shelving FAQs

Where can I use my garden shelving units?

Our garden shelving units feature an anti-corrosion galvanised steel frame, making them perfect for demanding environments such as garages, sheds, greenhouses and more.

What can I store on garden shelving units?

Our robust shelving units can hold 200kg of evenly-distributed weight per tier (1000kg per unit). They're ideal for storing heavy items in your shed or greenhouse, such as tools, equipment, pots, compost, and anything that doesn't exceed the stated load baring weight.

Can MDF boards go mouldy?

When MDF boards are used in challenging environments with high humidity or poor airlfow, they can be susceptible to mould. When using them in such an environment, we recommend treating the boards with varnish (similar to what you'd use on an outdoor fence) to seal them and prevent any moisture seeping in.

Can I attach my units to the wall?

Our shelving units are freestanding, but can also be attached to the wall using screws or bolts, thanks to the convenient holes in each upright. Please note that we do not supply the fixings to do this.