Everything You Need to Know About Boltless Shelving

Everything You Need to Know About Boltless Shelving

Boltless shelving is a type of storage unit that doesn’t require nuts or bolts to assemble. Not only does this make the assembly of the product easier, but it is also adjustable too, making it versatile for anyone’s home or even workplace. If you’re thinking about buying boltless shelving, this blog post will dive into the details of everything you need to know before you purchase.

What is Boltless Shelving Used For?

Boltless shelving can be used for various reasons. Boltless shelving is used widely for industrial use in places such as warehouses or offices. This is because you can adjust your shelving to fit to your business’s needs. It is now also popular to be used domestically, with a lot of people using it for their garage or garden. The sturdy, easy-to-build shelving makes it easy to keep people's homes organised.

Advantages of boltless shelving

Easy assembly

The shelving doesn’t require special tools but simply a rubber mallet to tap your parts into place. The assembly of the unit is so easy and fast, it can save you so much time on your projects.


Boltless shelving is capable of storing larger and bulky items. This means you can trust the shelving to store your items safely, no matter how big and bulky they might be.


A lot of boltless shelving solutions are made from steel, making them durable. At Rhino, our shelving is engineered with a durable, galvanised steel framework, complete with rolled edges for safety and durability. The framework is then treated with a rust-resistant powder-coating, available in Black, Blue, Grey, or plain, unpainted galvanised steel.


Boltless shelving is adjustable to suit your needs. If you need to add extra shelving/space you can do by purchasing extra shelves on our website. Having the freedom to customize your storage units means you can use them for whatever you need (no matter how big or small your space is).

Choosing the right shelving

Here at Rhino, we offer a range of boltless shelving, storage solutions that are engineered to help you become more organised. For the best price, our shelving is strong, durable and comes in a range of colours and sizes to choose from. You can choose from slimline, wide, or extra-deep shelving to suit your needs, as well as coming in black, blue, or galvanised. We advise carefully measuring the area you want to place your units, and then choose from a range of sizes to fit your needs. Whether you need to organise your garage, shed or even fill a whole warehouse of stock, we have anything you need.

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