Garden Shed Organisation Ideas

Garden Shed Organisation Ideas

Has your garden shed been the dumping ground for your clutter for years? Do you find it hard to even get into it? Well, today that is going to change, as we help you transform your garden shed into a neat and organised space.

As we enter into Spring, it is the perfect time to get your garden shed organised, as the weather begins to get warmer. So grab your bin bags and cleaning tools and let’s dive right into it.

It’s time to de-clutter

That’s right, it’s the time for the dreaded de-clutter of your shed, but I promise you it will be totally worth it. So, grab your bin bags and begin to sort your items into piles of what you need to keep and what you’re ready to get rid of. I recommend putting your items into four piles for your shed: what you want to keep, what you want to bin, what you’re going to give away and what you need to clean.

It is normal that a lot of the items in your garage may be dusty or dirty, so keep your cleaning products in hand to give them all a good wipe. Investing in some good rust remover will be great for getting rid of any rust build up on your tools or metal items.

Your shed is the perfect place to store your workshop tools, cleaning items, shovels, gardening gear, bikes paint cans or even garden products. Any other items may be best kept in the garage or elsewhere, in order to save space in your shed.

Finding the perfect shed shelving for you

Here at Rhino, we have a range of shed storage you can choose from to help you get organised. Shed shelving is the perfect way to store your items away safely and neatly, meaning you can utilise the space in your shed (and actually be able to get in it!).

You can choose from slimline, wide, and extra-deep shelving, depending on how big your garage is. If you store bigger and bulkier items in your shed, it may be the best option to go for extra-deep shelving to be able to store your larger items. Our shelving is perfect for keeping your items stored away neatly, and therefore making it easier for you to find your items.

We advise placing your most used items, like your garden tools, in eye view on the middle shelves, placing heavier items at the bottom to avoid accidents and then seasonal or rarely used items up at the top of your shelves.

Building a tool wall

A great way to save space in your garage is building a tool wall. This saves floor space, as well as keeping your tools stored safely on your wall, where it is easily accessible for you. This is a super easy DIY way to keep your items looking neat as all you will need is some strong hooks that you can place into your walls and allow your tools to hang safely.

Alternatively you can build a peg wall which involves the same sort of thing but using pegs to hang your tools. This is a great way to also hang baskets, shelves or even your shovels, mops, and hose. This is the perfect way to clear up floor space in your shed.

Creating  a workstation

Why not create your own DIY workstation with the help of Rhino Racking shelves. Our adjustable shelving can be halved and created into your very own workstation set up. The shelves halved is the perfect height to create your own little work desk for things such as DIY projects, office work, or even gardening projects.

There is plenty of space to keep items stored underneath to ensure you are utilising your floorspace as much as possible. You may want to place your storage boxes, files, or even large tools kept underneath.


This Spring is the perfect time to get your shed organised and finally be able to utilise your space as much as possible. No matter how big or small your shed may be, there is storage solutions for everyone available here at Rhino.

No mess means no stress this Spring with Rhino.

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