Garden Shelving Guide | Benefits, Type & Assembly 

Garden Shelving Guide | Benefits, Type & Assembly 

Learn how to transform your garden storage space with shelving units. 

Thanks to garden shelving units, organising your outdoor space no longer comes with a headache. Why? They're a clever way to keep your tools tidy, your plant pots neat, and tidy away your shed's clutter. 

In this handy guide, we'll help you find the shelving units that will help you create more space and make gardening jobs a breeze while letting you know:


  • What garden shelves can hold
  • What sizes are available
  • Where to put them
  • How to build them
  • How much you'll be spending


There are plenty of shelving options available, but we've narrowed it down to the best because, let's face it, you want to get to the fun stuff like planting your bulbs, cutting the grass, and setting up your bird feeders. 

So let's get started with the Best shelving units from the Rhino Racking range that you can use to organise your garden:

#1 Galvanised Shelving 


First on the list is our galvanised shelving, a sleek, practical, and affordable range that's versatile enough to be used in any setting. 

These units are perfect for storing your plant pots outdoors and tools like trowels, secateurs, saws and watering cans in sheds. With 200kg of load weight per tier, these robust units can handle whatever you throw at them in the garden. 

The galvanised steel frame makes them the perfect choice for garden storage as it protects against the elements with a hardwearing finish that protects against rusting. 

They come in 3 different sizes with modular designs, giving you several options for your space that you can customise. For example, if some of your items vary in height, you can adjust the shelf height to suit your storage needs. 

If you have the space, you can also build an extra unit at half height, giving you the option to create a workbench space for your DIY jobs.  

The other great thing about this shelving range is its simple, easy-build design. These boltless shelving units can be put together in minutes without nuts or screws by slotting the beams together and tapping lightly with a mallet to secure them. 

Why we like galvanised units

  • An anti-rust steel frame protects against the elements 
  • Modular design that adjusts to fit your needs 
  • Heavy-duty load capacity 


Shop galvanised shelving units here. 


#2 Slimline shelving 


If space is at a premium, slimline shelving is the choice for you to get your outdoor area in order. These smaller shelves fit perfectly into sheds without compromising load weight - giving you more floor space, clear work areas and keeping tools within arms reach. 

A smart choice for those pottering about with pots and plants, these shelves suit the storage of small tools like trowels and secateurs and other essentials like gloves, boots, and birdseed. 

Like the rest of our garden shelving range, our slimline products have adjustable designs, so you can alter them to suit the items you're storing. Pair that with an easy-build boltless design, and you'll have your garden organised without stress. 

Top Slimline Features 

  • Reduced size to fit smaller spaces
  • Fully adjustable design 
  • High load capacity 

#3 Wide Shelving


When you're storing the bulky stuff (lawnmowers, strimmers, plant stands etc.) or larger pots before planting in your garden, you'll need something with some extra shelf space. Luckily, some wide garden shelving will do the job nicely.

As well as keeping your equipment at arm's length, they're great for storing bulky stuff like strimmers, compost bags, and larger plants before planting in the garden. 

These units give you plenty of storage space per tier, with a handy shelf length of 120cm and depths of 45cm and 60cm. These units are a top choice when used outdoors or in a big shed or greenhouse space, and they look the part too - available in blue, black and galvanised finishes. 

With a simple design that you can build in minutes, this unit gives you the convenience and simplicity you want when sorting out your garden storage. 


Why we love wide shelving

  • Extra shelf space for garden essentials 
  • 200kg load weight per storage shelf
  • Adjustable design 

Other benefits of our garden shelving 

Besides keeping things orderly so you can run your garden like a well-oiled machine, our storage racks give you other benefits such as:


  • They free up floor space: Garden shelving doesn't just store away your tools; it also gives you extra room. With less junk littering the floor in your shed, you can move more freely or put the extra space to better use. 
  • They're an affordable storage solution: Shelving is a storage option you can use that won't break the bank, especially when you shop with us. Our shelving starts from as little as £29.99, which is less than most takeaways these days. 
  • They're multipurpose: Thanks to our modular design, you can split your shelving unit in two, leaving you with a 3-Tier storage unit and a 2-Tier workbench to add to your DIY space. 
  • They help you save time: Efficiently storing your tools, equipment and pots means they're easily accessible, saving you the hassle of digging through piles of clutter to find screwdrivers. 

Where to use garden shelving


Garden racking is perfect for organising your shed, a space that's often the most cluttered. In the UK, 32% of people admit that their shed is so messy that they can't even get through the door. With the help of some shelves, you can transform your shed into a neat and functional storage and workspace. 


Picking shelves for your outdoor space is different to choosing them for your living room, as there are a few more things to consider, such as location, purpose and weather. 

You can install freestanding shelving on balconies, patios, garages, summer houses, and more. However, when choosing your outdoor shelving, consider the weather. Whether your racks are going inside the shed, summer house, or greenhouse, they will potentially be affected by the cold and damp - that's why it's best to opt for galvanised shelving units. 

These durable units have unpainted, galvanised steel frames that protect against rust. 


When you're sorting out some storage for your greenhouse, you can't go wrong with some freestanding garden shelves. They're a multi-tier storage option that lets you store and organise your garden's items neatly. 

Top tip:

  • Our units feature MDF shelves on each tier, which can be susceptible to mould when you use them in areas with high humidity or dampness. It's best to treat the boards with varnish to seal them and prevent any moisture from seeping in. 


How do you build shelving units?

We've engineered our shelving units with a design that's easy to assemble and lets you set them up in minutes. All you need to do is bend the convenient tabs on each beam into the slots provided and tap them into place using a rubber mallet. Once you have built a tier, place the MDF board neatly on top, and you're all set. 

Want to see for yourself? Watch our assembly video below.

Why choose Rhino's garden shelving?

  • All shelving and racking in the Rhino range are heavy-duty, holding a massive 200kg weight per tier (1000kg per unit). 
  • Each box contains rubber feet for added stability and extra support beams under the shelves so you can store your heavier gardening equipment. 
  • They also come with a 5-Year guarantee so you can organise your garden for the long term. 

Where to next?

We hope this guide has given you a better idea of the best shelving for gardens you can use to get organised. If you have any questions or need more advice, get in touch with our friendly UK team or check out the rest of our shelving & racking guides for more tips and home storage ideas. 

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