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Industrial Steel Sack Truck | 325kg load weight | Heavy Duty

Industrial Steel Sack Truck | 325kg load weight | Heavy Duty

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Our robust, high-backed dual-handled industrial steel sack truck is engineered to transport your heavier items with ease. Featuring a durable, reinforced steel frame and puncture-resistant tyres, it’s capable of handling loads of up to 325kg effortlessly.


  • Highly-durable and sturdy steel construction
  • Anti-puncture rubber tyres
  • 325kg load capacity for easy transport of heavier bulkier loads
  • Reinforced load bed for safe transport of goods
  • Hassle-free assembly


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Engineered from high-grade, rust-proof steel tubing and a reinforced plate, this sack truck guarantees quality and durability. The robust high back plate of our heavy-duty sack truck provides unwavering support, helping you stack items securely and transport them with ease. Whether you're transporting plant pots around the garden, or heavy boxes around your warehouse, our premium sack trucks make transporting bulky items effortlessly.


The robust pneumatic tyres glide over rough surfaces easily, reducing the risk of harm to delicate items through superior shock absorption. Designed for comfort and control, the ergonomic dual handles feature a secure grip that helps you move heavy loads safely. This easy-to-use sack truck is the perfect solution for transporting goods around your home or warehouse.


This premium sack truck is uniquely designed with an extended base plate, engineered from high-grade reinforced steel to ensure durability. The added side panels give you support for your bulkier items, minimising the risk of damage during transport.


Designed for convenience, the quick and effortless boltless assembly eliminates the need to deal with complex tools or instructions. Each piece easily slots together, making the setup process smooth and getting you up and running in just minutes.