Rhino Racking industrial trolley

Using Industrial Trucks and Trolleys

Industrial trolleys are essential equipment for businesses in various industries, providing efficient and safe transportation of heavy loads within a facility. These versatile trolleys are designed to handle different materials, including machinery parts, tools, supplies and stock that you may need to move. We highly recommend using industrial trolleys within your warehouse or stock room to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

Why choose Rhino?

You can move your items effortlessly with Rhino Racking's heavy-duty industrial sack trucks. We engineer our sack trucks with a durable steel framework that can high load weights, making handling and transporting heavy products a breeze in your warehouse, stockroom, or workshop. At Rhino, we offer 2 trucks: a heavy-duty steel truck and a lightweight folding truck. Both of our steel sack trucks feature durable steel frames and reinforced load beds to ensure high-load weights and total reliability.

Key features

  • Highly durable and sturdy steel construction
  • Anti-puncture rubber tyres
  • 325kg load capacity for easy transport of heavier bulkier loads
  • Reinforced load bed for safe transport of goods
  • Hassle-free, boltless assembly
  • Choice of colours

Benefits of industrial trucks and trolleys

Industrial trolleys and trucks play a crucial role in enhancing workflow efficiency in various industries. It’s designed to transport heavy loads, equipment, and materials within a workspace, minimising manual handling and reducing the risk of injuries. They are equipped with sturdy wheels and handles, allowing for easy manoeuvrability and transportation of goods across different areas of a facility. This mobility eliminates the need for multiple trips, saving time and effort.

This is key for business owners, especially with stock rooms as these trolleys are amazing for moving heavy loads of stock and goods. The trucks contribute to increased productivity, reduced manual handling, and improved safety within industrial settings. So, if you work in a warehouse setting you will know quick order fulfilment is significant. The usage of trolleys and hand trucks results in faster and more competent turnaround, advancing the overall workflow.

With Christmas fast approaching, your business needs to be prepared for more workload and orders and therefore it's best to get prepared and grab an industrial trolley today to make the busier months so much easier. 


On Rhino’s website we offer trucks and trolleys for amazing value for your company as well as the reliability to know the quality of the products are amazing. So go to our trucks and trolleys section of the website now to grab yours. For any other tips for your business make sure to check out our industrial shelving page and blog posts!



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