The Mental Health Benefits of Staying Organised

The Mental Health Benefits of Staying Organised

It is scientifically proven that decluttering and organisation can reduce stress and those who have messier spaces have higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in their body. When you declutter, you are alleviating the disorganisation in your environment and therefore clearing your mind too. A great way to start is getting the right storage solution for you, at Rhino we have plenty of storage solutions to help you organise your home.

So what are the main benefits of staying organised?

  • It allows you to feel more in control of your work or home life.
  • It can prevent frustration and stress.
  • It can help save you time and also space.
  • It can improve your ability to concentrate

These are all key improvements that can benefit your mental health. The best way to start is to begin to declutter your space. People often fear organisation due to never really been organised before. Not knowing how good organization feels makes it hard to want that feeling in your life. Perhaps you have too much stuff and feel like it will take a large amount of time. This can seem quite daunting, but it can be done in very simple steps.

Decluttering your space

You should begin to break down your clutter into sections of what you need, what you want to bin and what you’re going to give away. This can help you focus on one area at a time to make things easier. You should always start with big items first to ensure you have more space whilst organising. Organisation can be made fun by having an extra pair of hands to help you, working in a team can get it done faster too.

Choosing the right storage unit

A Rhino, we have storage units that are fit for home, garage or even work use to help you organise your space. A range of colours and sizes are available to fit to your needs. Our racking is great for keeping your items stored away neatly as well as making your space look tidier and saving room. They hold 1000kg of weight all together and are boltless and easy to assemble.

Get started now

Being organised can be so simple and not take much time or effort. You’ll be most successful when you take time consistently to organise your home or workplace. As you focus on being organised, your physical and mental health will likely improve. Begin to make your changes now in getting organised and you won’t regret it!


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