The Benefits of Sack Trucks and Trolleys

The Benefits of Sack Trucks and Trolleys

A sack truck is a two-wheeled trolley that is used to carry your inventory, heavy boxes or large household items when moving/organising. These are extremely useful for carrying multiple items, or heavy items that you may not be able to carry on your own. The wheels make it easy to manoeuvre your items making it the easiest way to transport items from one place to another. The wheels make it easy to manoeuvre your items.


Rhino Racking Sack Truck

We offer two types of trucks: an industrial steel sack truck and a folding sack truck. Our industrial steel sack truck can hold 325kg of weight, meaning it can transport even your heaviest items. Engineered from high-grade, rust-proof steel tubing and a reinforced plate, this sack truck guarantees quality and durability, making it perfect for industrial use in your warehouse or stockroom.

Our folding sack truck is lightweight and perfect for domestic use. This sack truck is ultra-lightweight, foldable and made of aluminium It is perfect for deliveries, transport, or occasional use when you're short on space, with a flip-down load tray, and extendable handle so it packs away neatly when not in use.


The Key Benefits

Using a sack truck can have so many benefits for you or your business. Not only can it be used for business and industrial use, but also domestically to help keep your home organised/ help move home.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • They are so easy to use and make moving items so much faster.
  • Foldable trucks don’t take up much space and can easily be stored away.
  • Can move larger quantities/heavier items easily.
  • They are extremely affordable.
  • They are the safest way to transport items/boxes or heavier loads.
  • There are choices of trucks to suit your personal needs.
  • They have an extremely heavy load-weight meaning you can transport even your heaviest items.


Industrial Use

Industrial trucks can play a crucial role in enhancing workflow efficiency in various work industries. Our trucks are designed to transport heavy loads, equipment, boxes and materials within a workspace, minimising manual handling and reducing the risk of injuries. Safety in the warehouse should be a key priority so using industrial trucks can help towards this. They are equipped with sturdy wheels and handles, allowing for easy manoeuvrability and transportation of goods across different areas of a workplace. This mobility eliminates the need for multiple trips, saving time and effort, which can be extremely useful for your business.


Domestic Use

Using your sack truck in your home has never been easier, with its folding capabilities, you can easily store away your truck when it is not needed.

Whether you’re moving house, or simply moving your items around whilst organising, make sure to sure your sack truck to minimise the need of several trips and safely move your items around. Using a sack truck is the easiest way to transport your items as they will safely be stored on the truck, and you can easily move multiple items at once. Our sack trucks are designed with convenience in min.  The quick and easy boltless assembly is a game-changer, meaning you won't need to mess around with complicated tools or instructions.


Why not shop the range now and make your organisation easier with Rhino.

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