BACK IN STOCK- Let’s Get Organised

BACK IN STOCK- Let’s Get Organised

This week we have a HUGE restock and that means it is the perfect time to go and grab yourself some of our Spring-Cleaning essentials. Whether you’re organising your garage, garden, or home, we have the perfect range of heavy-duty shelving to keep your items looks neat and tidy.

So, what is possibly stopping you?


Why get organised?

This week is mental health awareness week, and with that in mind we think it is important to talk about the mental health benefits getting organised. There are many scientific studies that show that decluttering and organising can reduce stress massively, as clutter and mess can release cortisol (the stress hormone) in your brain. This Spring is the perfect time to get organised, and here at Rhino, we want to help and support you through this. People often put off organising as they believe it will take too long, or there is too much clutter to actually get through, but once you find your starting point, it can become so easy. Read more about the mental health benefits in another blog post here.


Where to begin.

When you think about your home, really think about which rooms have the most clutter build up. Typically, it is the garage or even cupboards and wardrobes, so it is important to tackle these areas first. The first thing to do in any organisation plan is to declutter any items that you no longer need anymore, and as daunting as this may seem, when this step is over everything else will feel easy.

Grab your bin bags and begin to make piles of all of the items you want to get rid of. Make sure to give any unwanted items to charity rather than throwing away, but anything you do need to throw away can go in a separate pile. You need to throw away anything you have not used within the last few years (as it is likely you won’t use again).


Choose your storage

Having the correct storage systems can be the difference between a messy home and a tidy home. Having the right shelving is KEY, but choosing which one would be best for your home and garage can be difficult. You want shelving that is safe and secure and can hold large amounts of weight.

Rhino Racking offer the best boltless shelving, that can hold up to 1000kg per unit, meaning your items will be stored away safely and securely. Whether you need garage racking, wardrobe shelving or even a new living room unit, our boltless shelving is so versatile and looks brilliant in any room.

Whether you need slimline, wide, or extra-deep shelving, we have a range of sizes and colours to suit your every needs. The shelving is totally adjustable too to suit your needs. All of our racking is boltless, making it so easy and quick to put together (saving you so much time in your organisation process).


Rhino Racking

Why not have a browse of our website now and choose the shelving perfect for you. Choose from black, galvanised, or blue (depending on what suits you the most) and we will get it shipped out to you on the same day you order (when ordered before 12).

Organisation has never been easier, and now is the perfect time to actually get started! It’s time to really make a change in your home or garage, and we are here to help.

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