A Guide to the Best Garden Shelving

A Guide to the Best Garden Shelving

It’s Spring in the UK (despite the weather saying otherwise) and we are praying for some warmer days soon!

As the warmer weather is on the horizon, it’s important we prepare our gardens, and I  think we can all agree we have neglected our gardens for the past six months, and that needs to change.

Summer is where we want to spend most of our time outdoors, and therefore want our garden looking spotless. This weekend is national gardening day so it’s the perfect time to sort it! So, in this guide, we will talk you through the best garden shelving ideas to help organise your garden for Summer.


Garden Organisation

Where should you start? Perhaps you need to organise your garden shed, and luckily for you we have an in-depth guide on shed organisation here. Other than the garden shed, you want to make sure your whole garden is looking spotless, and the best way to start your whole organisation is to plan. Where will you put your plants? Your garden furniture? Tools? And what storage do you need?

The best way to start any organisation is to de-clutter! So, grab your bin bags and begin to throw away any items that you don’t need and haven’t touched in years. By de-cluttering, you will have less items to organise, and it should take you less time to sort.


Garden Shelving

Our range of garden shelving is perfect for storing your plant pots, soil bags, garden tools or accessories. The range is fully adjustable and can hold 1000kg of evenly distributed weight, meaning even your bigger and bulkier items can be stored away safely.

Choose between slimline, extra-deep or wide shelving, depending on your needs and how big your garden may be.


Shelving Ideas

The garden shelving units have an anti-corrosion galvanised steel frame, making them perfect for demanding environments such as garages, sheds, greenhouses and more. This is the easier way to store away items whilst still looking neat.

Our customers love to show off their range of garden plants on our shelves, as it keeps them safe as well as displaying them proud and now is the easiest time to do so. Why not celebrate national gardening day this weekend and get your garden looking flawless with our shelving range.

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