Why Your Business Needs Industrial Shelving

Why Your Business Needs Industrial Shelving

As Christmas is approaching, we are entering a remarkably busy and chaotic time for any business. It is key to begin planning how you are going to make the most out of your Christmas period for your business. At Rhino, we want to help support businesses with their storage and stock needs, to ensure your Christmas is plain sailing. 

Why choose Rhino?

At Rhino, we offer a range of storage solutions that are adjustable to your needs. Our boltless shelving and racking can hold up to 1000kg of weight per rack and are easy to assemble. There are many advantages to your business by choosing industrial shelving:

Maximise space

By having industrial shelving, you can maximise your storage space in both your warehouse, factory and even store. Organising your stock has never been easier with our spacious shelving, meaning you save space and reduce clutter.


Industrial shelving is the safest way to store your stock. Our shelving can store up to 200kg of evenly distributed weight, and we offer extra-deep and wide shelving to ensure your bigger and bulkier stock can be stored away safely. The safety of your staff should also be a huge priority, and using industrial shelving to store your stock away will also reduce the risk of injury.

Easy workflow

Having industrial shelving makes it so much easier to navigate your way around a stockroom and so much easier to organise stock correctly, meaning when the busier winter months hit and you have many orders, picking stock is no issue. This will not only save you time but also ensure fewer mistakes are made when picking. We also offer industrial trucks and trolleys which are designed to help carry your heavier, bulkier loads with better maneuverability, meaning it is easier to move your stock around whenever you need.


Bulk savings

Here at Rhino, we want to support your business, and therefore we offer bulk savings on your orders to ensure you are given the best price. If you enquire today on our website, our friendly team will get back to you ASAP. We also offer free shipping to all mainland UK, making buying from Rhino the best and easiest way to start your Christmas prep.

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