Why You Need a Tidy Garage This Summer…

Why You Need a Tidy Garage This Summer…

Your garage is like a magnet to clutter and is usually the place where you store all the items you rarely touch. Most garages can’t even fit the car in, as it is so filled with clutter and a build up of mess. We want to help you change that this Summer, and this blog post is going to explain exactly why it’s finally time to get your garage organised this Summer.


Stress Reduction

A key benefit to having a tidy garage is how stress-free it can make you feel. Having any parts of your home be dis-organised or cluttered can cause large amounts of stress and can make your life so much more difficult when you’re trying to find your items. Being able to go into your garage and know exactly where all of your items are will save you so much time this Summer (as you may need to dig out your old garden tools and paddling pools).

Like any room in your home, you want it looking organised and clean, and here at Rhino we have the perfect heavy-duty garage shelving units to help you achieve this, and therefore reduce your stress levels. Our garage storage units can hold up to 200kg of evenly distributed weight per shelf, meaning even your heaviest items can be stored away safely.


Improved Functionality

As the weather becomes hotter, you’re likely to be spending a lot more time outdoors and specifically in your garden. Your garage is likely to be hiding all the items you need for the warmer weather (your lawn mower, garden tools, paddling pool or gym equipment), and having these items organised will make your life so much easier this Summertime. No need to spend hours searching for items, as they can be stored right in front of you on your new garage shelving.


More Space

It’s time to get that car back in the garage this Summer, as you can save so much space in your garage by having it organised!

Save vertical space by investing in some storage shelves for your garage and begin to place your items neatly on these shelves, meaning you have more space for your larger items (like your car or lawn mower). Having more space on your floor will also make you garage look even tidier, rather than a cluttered mess.


Make the Garage Safer

You want to make sure your garage is as safe as possible this Summer, and by having all of your clutter lying around is not safe. There may be a lot of tripping hazards, sharp or dangerous items lying around or even fire risks, as you have such a huge build-up of clutter in there. Grab some clear storage boxes and begin to sort your items into seasonal items/ similar items and pop them into clearly labelled boxes. By having garage shelving units, you can store these boxes safely, making it clear to see where everything is kept (and keeping more dangerous items stored high away from kids). Make sure your items are not covering any fire/ emergency exits to ensure your garage is as safe as possible.


Using Garage Shelving

Make your garage organisation easy by purchasing some heavy-duty garage shelving and watch your garage transform into a tidy and neat space. Rhino Racking offer a range of boltless heavy-duty shelving that can help you organise your garage fast and easily. Our garage shelves can be built so fast, with easy step-by-step guides, and come in black, blue or galvanised (depending on your garage aesthetic).

These garage units can help you make your garage FINALLY look tidy by clearing up floor space, safely hold your items, and help you keep your items organised in a way that makes them easy to find. Why not have a huge declutter this Summer and start the transformation of your garage. You will feel so much better for it!

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