Using Racking For Your Christmas Organisation

Using Racking For Your Christmas Organisation

It’s December! And as Christmas is fast approaching, it’s good to have your organisation prepared. Here at Rhino, we offer a range of storage solutions that will help you stay organised in this Christmas period. Christmas can be a very messy time of year, with a lot of clutter, piles of toys and endless decorations to sort when it is all over. This blog post will dive into the best ways to use Rhino Racking to help you get organised.


Where to begin?

Decluttering after Christmas is something a lot of people put off, that’s why we want to help you make it easy. It is the perfect time to get rid of unwanted items or even give them to charity, as your items will start to pile up after Christmas.

First you will need to decide what room in your house you want to organise first. The garage can be the most chaotic place after Christmas, as decorations go back, and your garage fills with more unwanted items, toys and even rubbish. The best thing to do is move your items into piles (keep, bin and donate to charity). The same goes for if you’re tidying any other room in your home too!

Have a proper clean

Whether you’re organising your garage or even your living room, it’s important to have a thorough clean before assembling your racks. Cleaning can prevent any build up or mould or cobwebs (especially in your garage).

Getting organised

Now you have your items sorted into piles, it makes it so much easier to actually start getting organised. Plan the layout of your room and decide exactly where you want to place your shelving. If it’s your garage you’re organising, splitting it into zones, you can maximise organisation. Allocating space for different things can make your garage look tidier and make it easier to find stuff. For example, splitting it into sections of household items, Christmas decorations, gardening tools, gym wear, camping equipment, food storage, etc.

Choosing a storage rack

When you have sorted out your clutter, you can begin to choose your perfect storage unit. From garage storage solutions, to the perfect home unit. Make sure to measure what size you will need. At Rhino, we offer a variety of sizes to choose from, for no matter how big or small your room may be.  We also offer black, blue or galvanised shelving to choose from, meaning it can suit whatever your aesthetic may have.

Sizing is key when choosing your shelf. We offer slimline, wide and extra-deep, depending on what sort of items you wish to store on them. For your bigger and bulkier items, we suggest using extra-deep shelving to be able to store your items securely.

Final touches

Now you have your shelving assembled, and your plan in place, your organising can begin, and you can go into 2024 with an organised home. For the chance to win some garage shelving just in time for Christmas, we are doing a giveaway on our Instagram and Facebook. All the details to enter are on our social media and the winner is announced on the 15th of December. Good luck!

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