Top Tips to Keep Your Stockroom Tidy

Top Tips to Keep Your Stockroom Tidy

Your stock room is one of the most important parts of your business, and keeping it organised can be crucial is having a steady workflow. Having a messy stockroom can lead to having mess run onto your shop floor, and therefore you should prioritize it. Office storage solutions can be made easy with Rhino. Here are some top tips to help keep your stockroom tidy…

  1. Place your most popular items at the front of your stockroom

By storing your most popular items at the front of your stockroom, it can make it so much faster and easier to fulfill orders. Your bestsellers being at the front makes them easy to reach as well as knowing exactly where they are at all times (making it easier to track when they go out of stock).

  1. Invest in good storage units

It is so important to have sturdy and reliable units to store your stock on to ensure that your stock is held safely. At Rhino Racking, we offer the perfect industrial shelving of all sizes to help keep maximize your storage space and keep your stock stored neatly and easily. Our safe and secure boltless design makes it easy for you to assemble as well as having adjustable shelf height to fit all of your business’s needs. We offer bulk savings on industrial shelving and offer the best prices for your business. You can enquire today on our website.


  1. Utilise floor space as much as you can

By having good storage units, it makes it easier to utilize your floor space. No matter how big or small your stock room is, it’s important to have a good layout to optimize workflow. You want to position your stock room, so it is easier for staff members to navigate their way around. It is key that your layout is safe and easy for staff members to reduce injuries or stock being damaged (especially if you sell heavier items)

  1. Provide good stock room lighting

Having a well-lit stock room makes it easier for staff members to read labels, find stock and also do their job safely. Having good lighting also makes it harder to actually lose your stock, meaning you can reduce costs of lost items.

  1. Set up systems on your shelves 

It is a good idea to organise your shelves into different categories to make it easier to find your stock. You can do this by product category, best sellers, colour or even price. Not only will this make it easier for your staff to find items but will also make your stock room look much tidier.


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