Tips for Decluttering Your Home After Christmas

Tips for Decluttering Your Home After Christmas

After Christmas, you may feel as though your home is feeling overwhelmed with clutter. Decorations, wrapping paper, rubbish, new AND old toys as well as all of the rest. It’s time to go into the new year with a tidy home, and we are here to help. Here are some of our top tips for decluttering your home after the Christmas period…


  1. Begin with a general tidy up

Grab your bin bags and start to throw away all of the wrapping paper, bags and general waste that has been left from the Christmas period. This will generally make your home look tidier already and gives you a solid surface to start on for organising.


  1. Make piles of items

The best way to declutter is deciding what you’re going to keep and what you’re going to throw away. With all of your new presents, it may be time to throw away some of your old items that you haven’t touched in years. Make three piles: keep, bin, and donate. Remember, this time of year is the perfect time to donate any unwanted items to charity.


  1. Grab storage boxes

Using large see-through storage boxes to begin storing your items. It is best to have several boxes, then to number or colour co-ordinate them into sections. By placing your items into different sections, it can make it easier for you to find things as well as making your home look tidier.


  1. Putting away your decorations

The dreaded time to put your decorations away can feel daunting, but once it is done it will make your home feel so much tidier. It might be time to throw away some of your old, broken decorations and make space for new one’s next year too. But for the decorations you are going to keep, make sure you find a good, protected place in your garage or loft to place them.


  1. Finding the right shelving

The best way to stay organised and keep your clutter to a minimum is by having the correct shelving to store you items safely and neatly. At Rhino, we offer affordable, easy to build, sturdy shelving that is perfect for domestic use. Whether you need to tidy up the clutter in your garage, or even have some new shelves to store in your home, we have you covered with a range of sizes and colours to choose from. Check out our blogpost on choosing the right shelving for you, to help you pick the best one.



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