The Safest Way to Store Your Heavier Items

The Safest Way to Store Your Heavier Items

Before purchasing garage shelving, you must be sure that it can hold the weight of your items safely and securely. Our boltless racking can hold a massive 1000kg of evenly distributed weight (that is 200kg per shelf). No matter what size shelf you choose, it will be able to securely hold anything up to this weight threshold (so there is no need to worry about your heavier and bulkier items).

At Rhino, we want to be sure that you are safely storing away your items, so in this blog post we will go through some key points to storing away your heavier items safely.


Is your item too heavy for the shelves?

When deciding which items to store on your shelving units, it is important to ensure that the weight does not exceed the load weight. Each of our shelves can store 200kg of EVENLY distributed weight, meaning that if you place an item too heavy for this, your boards may bend or snap.

It is so important to measure the weight of your heavier items to ensure they are safely stored away on the shelving. Our shelving is heavy-duty and therefore designed to hold your heavier items, but it is so important to measure the weight of your items before storing them on the shelves.


Storing bulkier items

If you have bigger and bulkier items to store away, we have the perfect wide and extra-deep shelving to ensure they fit on the shelves nicely. Whether it is big boxes, Christmas decorations or even big paint cans, our shelving should have the correct depth to keep these bigger items stored away neatly.

We advise measuring your biggest items, and then choosing the best size for you out of our extra-deep range.


Ensuring your unit is built correctly

In order to store away items safely, it is key that your unit is built correctly in order to be able to store your items in the most efficient way. Our step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, and your unit can be built so fast!  If your unit is not built correctly it may lead to your items or the unit becoming damaged, so make sure your unit is built with care.


In conclusion, we want to ensure that you can store away all of your items using our shelving units, and therefore we strive in creating heavy-duty units for all customers to enjoy. By following our simple safety guide, it will ensure both your products and the units are kept safe. Our wide range of storage units means we have something to suit everyone. Why not shop the range now and begin your Spring clean?

This Spring, no mess means no stress with Rhino.

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