The Most Creative Ways to Use Your Boltless Shelving

The Most Creative Ways to Use Your Boltless Shelving

Shelving and racking are most commonly used to help with storage spaces in your garage, home or even office. It is the most practical way to keep your belongings tidy and stored away. However, we absolutely love seeing people get creative with their shelving and using it for whatever purpose they may need.

 At Rhino, our garage and home shelving hold 1000kg of evenly distributed weight (that is a huge 200kg per shelf). This can be so beneficial for all of your needs, as you can rely on our shelving to store away your items (no matter how big or bulky).

 So, here we have some of our favourite creative ways our customers have used our shelves…


 1. Shoe Racks

Our shelving makes the most chic and stylish way to store away your shoes. The spacious shelves mean you can store all of family’s shoes away neatly, whilst still looking stylish in your home. So, whether you have collection of trainers, or even big bulky walking shoes, our racking is a great way to store them.

2. Home For Pets

This one may sound random, but it works very well! A lot of customers use our shelving as a home for their reptiles/fish/spiders etc. Having a lot of room to store your tanks and cages is important, that is why our selection of sizing means we have shelving suited for all of your needs. It is a safe way to store your pets, whilst keeping your home looking tidy!

3. Your Own Work Studio

We have had many customers use our shelving in their home/work projects. For example, using our shelves in your own art studio to store away paints and materials. Or you have a home gym in which you want to store away dumbbells and weights. Whatever your recent home project is, we have the shelving for you to help organise.

4. Bookshelf

If you have lots of old books lying around, why not find a home for them? Our shelving looks amazing in your living room or even dining room as a bookshelf. There are five tiers to stock up on all of your favourite reads and even create a little library for your home.

5. Towel Rack

A great way to help organise your bathroom can be to use the shelving as a towel rack. It is a neat and straightforward way to fold away your towels, meaning less mess and more space in your bathroom. It is the perfect way to keep your bathroom looking tidy, as well as keeping track of clean and dirty towels!


Those five are some of our favourite ways to get creative but we know there will be a lot of ways our customers use our shelving. If you want to share with us your favourite way to use our racking, tag us on social media @RhinoRacking, we would love to see how creative you get!

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