The Best DIY Garage Shelving Tips to Transform Your Home

The Best DIY Garage Shelving Tips to Transform Your Home

August is finally here! However, in the UK that doesn’t always mean nice weather as we deal with another week of miserable rain. But no need to fret, there’s always hope we have some nice weather coming our way. And, whether it’s glorious sunshine or pouring rain, it’s always a good time to get the house organised with some garage shelving this August.

Why is it so hard to organise the garage?

  • There is so much clutter and unused items in there it may look too overwhelming.
  • You may feel like your garage is either too big or too small.
  • You feel as though it will take a long time and therefore are putting it off.

We want to be able to help you resolve these issues, as organising the garage can be made so easy and even fun when you do it right!

Where do I begin with garage organisation? 

Is a question you might ask yourself, as your garage is loaded up with things you haven’t touched in years. But it is so simple, you just need to plan where you’re going to begin. I know it can feel so daunting to have a huge clear-out, but it is all worth the outcome and can even be made fun with the help of family members and some good music playing!

Does your garage look a bit like this? That’s okay! Let’s start by having a declutter. Grab as many black bin bags as you need and decide exactly what is your essentials to keep and what you know you haven’t looked at in years. Once you have sorted exactly what you want to keep, things will become 100x easier.

Which racks should I choose?

This part is where we come in, and here at Rhino we offer so many types of heavy-duty garage shelving it can be hard to choose which one would be best for your home. Our slimline shelving options would be the best for those with smaller garages as they are a lot more compact but till have high loading capacity for your heavier items. We also offer longspan shelving or extra deep shelving which are perfect for larger spaces.

Here is an amazing after photo taken by DIYdaddy after organizing his garage with Rhino. He uses our 180 x 120 x 60cm 5 Tier Boltless Heavy Duty Garage Shelving Unit; this is the blue shelving, but it also comes in black and galvanized. These shelves hold 1000kg and cost £67.99.


Organising the garage shelving

Our garage shelving are extremely easy to put up with a step-by-step guide included or if you prefer, we also have video tutorials on our website. These shelves are the simplest way to start your summer organisation, as they’re so easy to set up and can make your home look so much tidier. As shown in the photos, the shelving can hold a lot of weight meaning all your garage items should fit very comfortably on the racks whilst looking neat and tidy.

A great tip is using large storage boxes to help put your items in whilst keeping it look tidy and keeping it well organised. You may even want to grab different colour boxes and label them to make it easier to find your items!

Our racks are great for storing...

  • Huge boxes.
  • Suitcases.
  • Electricals.
  • Folded seating.
  • Paint.
  • Christmas decorations.
  • Tool kits.


What's so hard about that?

Despite the dread of doing a huge clear-out, it can be made so easy with Rhino and the ‘impossible’ turns possible. So don’t let this awful weather get you down, as even on a rainy day this is the perfect way to keep productive and tick off another job on your to-do list.

So now that our garage is looking better, why not look at using Rhino to help with our home storage… or maybe save that for another rainy day!

Look how organised!


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