Our Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Our Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Another Bank Holiday is around the corner, and Spring is quickly coming to an End as we enter into June (so let’s get that Spring Clean sorted). This blog post is going to dive into our top 5 Spring cleaning tips to help you get your home and garage organised in time for the summer.

Spring cleaning can be made easy with the right cleaning equipment, and storage solutions, so it is time to grab your favourite sponge and get started!


  1. Make a Plan

    The first and most important part of your Spring Clean is to plan exactly which rooms you want to organise, and what order you will do it. A Spring Clean doesn’t have to be done in one day, so maybe spread it across a whole weekend or a few weekends.

    Having a plan means you can have goals to stick to, and when you achieve each goal (or room) you can tick it off your list. This will give you a sense of achievement when organising.


    1. Declutter Every Single Room

      This task is probably the most daunting when it comes to your Spring Clean, but once this is done your whole Spring Clean will become 10x easier. Did you know that the average adult has not decluttered their home in two and a half years. With this in mind, most homes will have an overwhelming amount of unused items lying around.

      All you need to declutter is some bin bags/ charity bags, some good music, and a helping hand, and you will get it done in no time. Our top tip would be to start in the largest rooms (e.g. living room and garage) and begin to put your items into piles: keep, bin, and give to charity.

      If you haven’t used an item in over a year, likely hood is it is clutter and it’s time to let go. Once you have decluttered, the rest of your clean should feel so easy.


      1. Begin to Clean

      Pop on your gloves and grab your favourite cleaning products and start to do a deep clean of your home and garage. You want to make sure you’re really cleaning every inch of all of your rooms to avoid another huge build up of dust and dirt. Depending on when you last did a huge deep clean, there may be quite a lot of build up already, so it’s key you can clean this away.

      Windows, skirting boards, hoovering the floor, mopping the floor. Make sure all of the dust is gone and all of your walls are squeaky clean!

      Maybe get some help for this part as it may be the most time consuming, and with a helping hand you can get it done much faster. Once your house is looking spotless, not only will it look so much better, but you will feel so much better about it too.


      1. Purchasing the Right Storage

      A huge contributor to keeping your home and garage tidy is having the right storage solutions to keep your items kept away safely and neatly. Whether you have clear boxes, small storage units or Rhino Racking, all of these can help you neatly store away your items.

      At Rhino, we believe our garage shelving and heavy-duty racking is perfect for any room in your house. We offer a large range of boltless racking that can hold even your heaviest items, safely. Our large range of items varies from slimline to wide to extra-deep, depending on the size of the room/ items you need to place on it. They are adjustable racks, meaning it can suit your needs.

      Whether you need to sort out your wardrobe, have a new living room bookshelf, or some brilliant garage shelves, we have the solution for you. Shop the range here to see for yourself.


      1. Make a Schedule

      To ensure you home stays tidy, create a schedule, and try to stick to it by having a small clean every week (a deep clean once a month) and this should ensure that your home stays neat and tidy throughout the whole year. By always having a plan, means you should always achieve your goals and by cleaning regularly means that each clean will feel easy.

      Having the right storage solutions means your home should always be looking organised, and this Spring no mess means no stress with Rhino.


      So, by using our top 5 tips, your Spring Clean has never been easier and this weekend is the perfect time to start before Summer (especially now the UK has seen some sun).

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