Office Shelving Tips for a Productive Spring

Office Shelving Tips for a Productive Spring

Are you wanting to create office space from the comfort of your own home? Now is the perfect time. As more companies want staff to work from home, it may be a priority for you to build your own office in your home. Having a comfortable office space can help streamline your work and boost your productivity. Whether it be in your spare room, corner of your kitchen or even in the garden shed, making a home office has never been easier with the correct office shelving and storage.  


Why have office shelving?

Adding shelving to your home office is the easiest way to maximise space and create a more organised working environment. An organised space means an organised mind, so you can focus on your work better. If you are working in a pile of mess, it can really distract you from your work. It is also a great way to enhance how your office looks, and you can get as creative as you like with your office shelving.


Choosing the right shelving

Choosing the right shelving for you can be so easy as long as you plan. No matter how big or small your office is, Rhino has the perfect shelving for you. We do recommend our slimline range for your office, as it is large enough to store your files and books but gives you plenty of space for your desk and chair without your room feeling too crowded.

When choosing a colour scheme, we offer blue, black, and galvanised. Our black shelving is the most popular office shelving as it looks so sleek in any room, as well as keeping your items organised.

It is likely that you have a lot of important files and documents that must be stored away neatly, or even a large collection of books that you are unsure where to place. So having a heavy-duty storage system is key to ensuring your office space is kept organised and your items are easy to find. Always make sure your items will not exceed the maximum weight capacity of your items. At Rhino, our shelving units can hold 200kg of evenly distributed weight per shelf, perfect for all of your big files and books.


Getting creative

At Rhino, our shelving is fully adjustable and therefore will suit your needs. If you want to build the unit in half, you can do so, meaning you can use the unit as a workstation or even a side table next to your desk. You may also want to assemble it as a bookshelf for the corner of your room, or perhaps place all of your work folders (if they are very large you can adjust your shelves or purchase extra-deep shelving too).

Our top tip would be to colour code all of your items to make it so easy to find exactly where your work is. Perhaps use see-through boxes for organising all of your paperwork and try and make it as organised as possible.

Say goodbye to a messy office and hello to a new organised workspace and begin to feel your productivity rise this Spring. Creating your own office is the perfect Spring clean activity and could be your next big project. Check out our range today to get started on your next project.
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