The Benefits of Racking in Your Home

The Benefits of Racking in Your Home

It’s Halloween! And that means we are in the midst of Autumn, and here at Rhino we believe Autumn is the perfect time to get organised. Organisation can be made simple with the right shelving in your home, and in this blogpost, we are going to discuss the benefits of shelving and racking in your home, and the best ones to choose.

Shelving can be so beneficial in your home for many reasons:

Creates more floor space

No matter how big or small your home is, creating floor space will keep your home looking tidier, as well as giving you more flexibility to decorate your home however you want.

Helps make your home look tidier

Shelving is the easiest way to organise your items and therefore make your home look tidier. Whether you want to use it as a bookshelf, keep your ornaments, or sort your old files, by having a shelving system your home will look 10x tidier and organised.

Can store thing safely

It is so important to choose shelving that is sturdy enough to keep your items held safely. At Rhino, all of our racking and shelving keeps up to 1000kg of evenly distributed weight (that’s a massive 200kg per shelf), meaning all of your items can be stored safely.

Creates precision in your home

By having organised shelves you are creating precision in your home which can make it so much easier to find things. By having your stuff organised, you will never have to lose items again.

Helps to organise clutter

We all have clutter in our homes, and sometimes it can fee unbearable and constantly feel like your home is messy. Shelving can help organise this, meaning you don’t have to constantly worry about your home being untidy.

Choosing the perfect rack

We don’t like to brag… but here at Rhino our racks are SCARILY good. Why? Because we fit to all of our customer’s needs. Our racking are all made of robust steel framework and comes in a range of three colours: black, blue, and galvanised, so we have plenty choice to match whatever theme your home may be. We also offer a huge range of sizes, from slimline to wide to extra-deep shelving. Whatever you need your racking for, we have you covered here at Rhino.

To choose the right racking for you, it’s important to start off by measuring your home and working out which dimensions you will be after. If you’re planning to place bigger and heavier items on your shelves, we advise going for our extra-deep shelves, which are perfect for storing bulkier items.

Bear in mind, our shelves have a fully adjustable design to suit your space, meaning you can put together your shelves in the best way to suit your home. We also have spare shelves available to buy to design your storage space to your own needs.


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