The Ultimate Guide to Business Storage

The Ultimate Guide to Business Storage

Does your business need help with storage space? Maybe you have your own office in your house that needs some organisation? Well, we are here to help as we talk you through the best shelving and storage solutions with Rhino. With any working environment, organisation is key and therefore it’s important to have your office space tidy and clearly set out. 

The Benefits of Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving can benefit your business in several ways:

  • Increase picking speed.
  • Improve picking accuracy.
  • Process more orders.
  • Improve warehouse safety.
  • Save time.

By having sturdy storage shelving it can make organisation of assets so much easier, meaning you can save time and money for your business.

Big Storage Spaces

If your business has a large store, stockroom, or warehouse you may feel overwhelmed with the idea of storing all of your business assets. It’s important you use storage options that are reliable and sturdy to ensure all your assets can be organised accordingly.

Organising your stock with industrial shelving & racking units can help your team increase the speed of picking orders as well as improve pick accuracy and get a higher volume of orders out the door. An organised space also means your workers can move around freely and efficiently, reducing the risk of accidents.

Rhino shelving can hold 1000kg of weight per unit and are all 5 tier to ensure there is enough room for larger and heavier items. By utilising vertical space with five levels of storage, our commercial shelving systems help you optimise the use of your floor area. Whether you’re using your storage for stock purposes or general storage use, we have the perfect racking solutions for you and your company.

Our shelving comes in a choice of slimline, wide, and extra deep and sizing varies depending on how big your office space is. For business use, we would recommend wide or extra deep shelving for optimate storage space. We also offer a range of three colours: black, blue, and galvanised to suit whatever office space you may have. 


Home Office Storage

After Covid19 it was the ‘norm’ to work from home and even 3 years later it is still very much the ‘norm’ for a lot of people. Having your own office from your home can be stressful, so it’s important to treat it like any office space and have it well organized for all your workload.

The photo attached is an example of how to use shelving in your office to still feel like home, but keeping your things organized. The range of colours at Rhino means we have storage units to suit any home aesthetics.

Our range of shelving sizes means that no matter how big or small your office may be, there will be a unit best suited for you. We would recommend slimline shelving for home use.

Whether you need to store files, paperwork, or even stock, we have the shelving for you.


Why Choose Rhino for Your Business 

At Rhino, we engineer our shelving units to the highest specifications with features that will help to make your office, stockroom, or warehouse as functional and efficient as possible, meaning no hassle for you.

We also offer bulk savings for businesses so we can offer you the best price for your orders. If you have a look on our business storage section, all details may be found here.

By filling in a quote form on our website, our helpful team will get in touch straight away to discuss your business needs and the pricing. Our products and services have already helped numerous amounts of companies across the UK… yours could be next.



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