Industrial Shelving & Racking | Benefits, Types and Price

Storage is vital for any business, no matter the size or industry. Whether you're an e-commerce giant or a small shop on the high street, an organised storage area is a must. Providing a top customer experience and reliable service takes an efficient approach, and that's where industrial shelving & racking units come in. 

Read on to discover how they can streamline operations in your warehouse, office or stockroom. We'll look at:

  • Where you can use industrial racking
  • The benefits of industrial shelving units
  • What types of shelving are available
  • How much you'll need to spend

Where can you use industrial shelving units?

Let's start with where you might find them. You'll find these units behind the scenes in businesses, keeping things organised in stockrooms, storerooms and warehouses. They're also perfect for storing tools in workshops, as well as files & stationery in offices.

What are the benefits of industrial shelving? 


Industrial shelving has a wide range of benefits that can transform your operation. Let's look at how:

They maximise your storage space 

With business storage, we'd all like to know we're making the most out of our space. After all, the more products you can fit into your warehouse or stockroom, the more you have available to sell. Without a good storage plan, you won't maximise your stock area and may not operate at full capacity. Luckily, shelving units help you to utilise every inch of floor space by using five tiers of shelving.

Organising your business with industrial shelves frees up floor space, which means you can add more storage units, increasing the volume of items you store. Making use of vertical space also means no more cluttered aisles, so your staff can move freely around the shop floor. Whether it's on foot or on pallet trucks, free-flowing movement is vital for staff to maximise output. 

They provide easy access to your stock 

Shelves help you reach and organise your items easily, allowing you to change stock, handle inventory, and fulfil orders with ease. The open shelves give you a clear view of your products, so your team can monitor stock levels and find items quickly. Simplifying your stock management will help reduce mistakes, both in stock keeping and order picking.

They also help employees retrieve items quickly, which means less time looking for products and tools. Organising your stock will help your staff pick orders faster, making sure everything gets out to couriers on time.

In short, being organised prevents mistakes, negative reviews, and makes life easier for you customer service team.

They're adjustable to suit your needs

Business storage shelving is fully adjustable and accommodates products of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're storing bulky boxes or small components, these shelves can easily adjust to suit your needs. You can do this by adding or removing shelves, building half units and adjusting shelf height. This means they can store your current products, while offering flexibility if your storage needs change in the future.

They can improve safety

Commercial shelving & racking units not only organise items, but they also protect your products. These durable shelves hold up to 1000kg per unit, so you can store heavy loads long-term and prevent product damage. 

Additionally, this will help to improve the flow on your shop floor. Cluttered aisles and walkways won't do much for your health & safety assessments and, more importantly, can lead to accidents. By sorting stock in shelving bays, you can free up floor space, making it easier to transport goods around aisles.

They organise your documents and files 

Finally, business shelving is excellent for file storage in your office space. With multiple tiers for files and folders, you can keep your documents tidy and easy to access.

What types of industrial shelving are available?

Now, it's time to find the best shelving units to organise your space. You will need to think about how much space you have and what type of products you'll be storing. Most importantly, you'll need some reliable shelving to do the job. Let's look at what's available: 

Slimline Shelving 


Slimline shelves are a popular choice for office storerooms. These units are more compact than standard shelving and can fit into tighter spaces without compromising loading capacity. They're perfect for smaller spaces - with a height of 150cm, a width of 75cm, and a depth of 30cm. They're ideal for storing files, stationary and small-medium sized components.

These shelves are cost-effective to sort your goods without compromising on load weight. These shelves retain a load capacity of 200kg per shelf (1000kg per storage unit).

Extra Deep Shelving


Extra-deep shelving is perfect for warehouse storage when you have bulkier, awkward products that require more shelf space. The 60cm depth gives you more than standard storage racking and leaves room for storage boxes. 

Long-span Racking 


Wide shelving units are perfect for large products. These units have a 120cm wide shelf and twin support beams, providing extra support in big spaces like warehouses. 

Heavy-Duty Shelving


These high-quality, durable steel shelving units hold 200kg per tier (1000kg per unit). They're perfect for storing heavy loads in workshops, stockrooms and warehouse spaces. 

How much are industrial shelving units?

Typically, businesses need a large number of units to kit out their space, which can be expensive. But before you start sweet-talking the finance department, look at our B2B service. When ordering in excess of 20 units, you're eligible for bulk savings. Visit our business storage page for more information.

To wrap up

As your business grows, so does the need for a solid storage system, and industrial shelving provides the perfect solution. They will increase efficiency by providing easy access to items, helping you monitor stock, increase safety and improve your overall operation.

To learn more about business storage solutions or get a quote, visit our business storage page. If you have any questions, our friendly customer service team will assist you. 


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