How To Protect Your Shelving in the Winter Months

With the winter months fast approaching, it is important to make sure you’re taking care of your garage shelving. When using MDF shelves, they can be susceptible to mould/bowing when used in areas with poor airflow, high humidity, or dampness, which is typically what happens within a garage and therefore we have some tips and tricks to try and avoid this in the winter months.

If you’re using your shelving within your home, there is very minimal chance they will be affected by this, but your garage may have poor airflow and dampness (especially in the winter months). There are many ways to avoid this.

We recommend using:

  • Paint
  • Varnish
  • Stain

We suggest using any of the following on the areas on the MDF board that may be exposed to any area of high damp or humidity, or if there is a chance the shelves could be exposed to water. Similarly to what you’d use on an outdoor fence, this will seal them, and prevent any moisture seeping in. Focusing mainly on the edges of the MDF boards is key as they can be most susceptible to damage.


Why Choose Rhino Racking?

Here at Rhino we want to ensure you get the best garage shelving for the best price. Rhino Racking's garage shelving range is easy to assemble, fully adjustable, and manufactured to the highest standards. We engineer these robust units to help you organise your garage and create more floor space in your home. Whatever your requirements are, we have a garage storage solution that will suit you.

The winter months are the perfect time to get your garage organised and with a fully adjustable design, you can space your shelving out as needed. Ideal to make sure you can store everything easily, even your larger items. This means no matter how big or small your garage might be, we have products that suit everyone.




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