How to Maintain a Tidy Garage

How to Maintain a Tidy Garage

Your garage is the one place in your home that will build up the most dirt, dust, and clutter and therefore it is key that you find ways to maintain a tidy and organised garage, meaning you can spend less time cleaning it.

There are many different ways to ensure you’re keeping on top of your organisation, and this blog post will look into some of our top tips for maintaining a tidy garage (and you may even want to use these tips in your home organisation too).


Have a Deep Clean

In order to maintain a tidy garage, it must be tidy to begin with, so it is important that you do a huge deep clean of your garage before starting. We recommend doing a huge de-clutter, mopping, or sweeping the garage floor, throwing away all your rubbish and deep cleaning all of the walls/cobwebs and dust. We have more information on a garage clean in our blog post here.

By starting from a fresh slate means that all future cleans will be 10x easier, and you won’t have to clean as frequently.


Plan a Garage Layout

Having a plan for exactly how you want your garage to be organised means you will find your items easier, and easily be able to move around your garage. Having dedicated areas for each part of your garage means that you will easily be able to access all of your items.

A top tip would be to label areas of your garage (garden items, Christmas decorations, tools, old toys). By doing this, you know exactly where everything is and know where to place new items when you’re adding things to your garage.


Have Reliable Storage Units

Having strong storage units in your garage is a game changer as it not only saves you space but also makes your garage look 10x more organised. Garage shelving is the perfect place to hold your large storage boxes, and numerous items safely. At Rhino Racking, we have a range of garage shelving to choose from, in many sizes and colours. The range accommodates for all garage sizes, as we offer slimline, wide, and extra-deep.

Rhino Racking heavy-duty shelving can hold up to 1000kg of evenly distributed weight per unit, meaning even your bigger and bulkier items can be stored away safely. They are also perfect for neatly storing away your garden tools, old toys, or any items you have lying around your garage.

These units are not only going to keep your items organised, but they will be easy to reach and easy to clean. They are a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your garage tidy and maintaining an organised space at all times.

Group Similar Items

To make your life so much easier, it’s best you group together similar items in your garage, and this will help you maintain organisation. Keep all household stuff in one area, garden in another and perhaps rotate the garage per season too (making it easier to access things). You won’t need your winter boots or Christmas decorations all year round, so in the summer pop those to the back (and vice versa with summer items).


Make it a Habit

Once your first garage deep clean is complete, getting in the habit of tidying as you go means you can avoid build-up of dirt and organisation in the future. Dedicating a small amount of time per month to keep your garage nice and organised and have a brief clean through will prevent clutter and dirt. Your garage is a space in the house that often gets neglected, but it stores some of our homes most important items, so it is important to keep it tidy.

By planning an organisation day once a month means your garage should never build up with dirt or clutter again!

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