How to Create More Storage Space in Your Home

How to Create More Storage Space in Your Home

When it comes to storage space in your home it can feel quite daunting and overwhelming. If your home has a large amount of clutter, and not that much space, it may feel like it is always messy. Having a messy home can cause large amount of stress or even poor mental health. There are many ways to help create more storage space in your home and this blog post will cover some simple steps in doing so.

Where to begin?

Whether you’re tidying up your house, garden or even garage, it is always good to start off by decluttering. On average, a home has around 300,000 items (yes that’s right, I can’t believe it either!). As humans, we usually hold onto a lot of clutter in our homes as we assume it will take a long time to sort- however this isn’t always the case.

Clutter can easily be arranged when you organise it into piles. I like to make three piles: what to keep, what to bin and what to give to charity. If you have items that you haven’t used in years, it is likely that this is just clutter to your home.

Your garage

Your garage is usually the biggest keeper of clutter, so it is a great place to start when it comes to organising your home. A great tip is to organise your items by season too, this means when the seasons start to change you can find your items quicker and easier.

A great way to store your items in your garage is using heavy-duty garage shelving. This can help you organise your items more neatly, as well as saving space (you might finally be able to fit your car in it!). Having space in your garage can have a knock-on effect to the rest of your home, as you will be able to fit more in there.

At Rhino we offer garage shelving in a range of colours and sizes, meaning no matter how big or small your garage may be, we have you covered.

Your home

Shelving and racking can be used in any part of your home. Your living room, kitchen or maybe even your office. At Rhino we offer sleek and smart designed shelves, that look great in any part of your home.

You may want to store things such as books, folders or even your ornaments, to keep your home looking neat and organised. My personal favourite colour racking is our black range, as I think this looks very elegant in any home.


Your garden

People often neglect their garden, especially in the winter months. Keep your garden tidy this winter with Rhino’s Garden shelving range. Our galvanised shelving range is a sleek way to store your plants, tools, or garden ornaments.

Whether you have a small or large garden, shelving can free up so much space and help you neatly store away all of your garden necessities.

Benefits of more storage space

The benefits of having more space in your home are endless, but the key ones include:

  • More convenient for you.
  • Increased organisation.
  • More cost-effective.
  • Space for more items.
  • Reduced stress when organising your home.

Here at Rhino we want to help you create the most efficient storage space in your home, and that’s why our range of racking and shelving units are fit for any home. Check out all of our shelving on our website today. We have something for everyone.

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