Improving Your Workflow This Winter

Improving Your Workflow This Winter

Industrial shelving is a type of storage system commonly used in warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings. It is designed to provide a sturdy and efficient solution for organising and storing heavy-duty items, equipment, and materials. At Rhino, we sell boltless industrial shelving, which is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it a versatile option for changing storage needs. It is also a cost-effective way of keeping your stock and storage tidy.

With the winter months coming up, your business must prepare for times getting a lot busier and industrial shelving is a great way to keep your workflow as organised as possible. Christmas orders can feel extremely overwhelming, and that’s where Rhino is here to help. Being prepared with your storage will make the busier times so much easier for your company. Perhaps your company is extending their range for Christmas or are preparing a huge sale that will need organised. Industrial racking is something every business needs to help this Christmas.

The benefits of industrial shelving

Storage Space

It maximises storage space, allowing businesses to efficiently store and organise their inventory, reducing clutter and improving overall productivity. This is particularly crucial during the holiday season when businesses experience a surge in demand and need to keep track of their stock. This time of year gets extremely busy for businesses as Christmas fast approaches, as well as boxing day and black Friday sales. As a business you need to prepare for these extremely busy times and industrial shelving with help you benefit from this by being the easiest way to store all of your stock.

Holds Heavy Inventory

At Rhino our shelves hold 1000kg of weight and therefore are perfect to fit large amounts of stock. Industrial shelving is durable and sturdy, capable of withstanding heavy loads and ensuring the safety of both the products and the employees, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries in the workplace. This is especially important during the Christmas rush, as businesses need to handle and store large quantities of merchandise.


Industrial shelving is versatile and customisable, allowing businesses to adapt and reconfigure the shelves as needed to accommodate changing inventory requirements. This flexibility is particularly beneficial during the Christmas season when businesses may introduce new products or temporarily expand their offerings. This makes it useless for all times of the year, whether it is busier or quieter seasons. We also offer a wide range of sizing when it comes to shelving meaning that we have shelving that can suit any office or workspace.

Utilizing your space

Whether you need industrial shelving for your warehouse or stock room, it will be the perfect solution for storing items the most efficiently. Industrial shelving provides the necessary storage capacity, durability, flexibility, and space efficiency required to meet the demands of the Christmas season, ensuring a smooth and successful shopping experience for both retailers and customers- as well as an easy picking experience for warehouse workers. Industrial shelving promotes efficient space utilisation, maximising the available area in the store. This is particularly beneficial during the holiday season when stores experience a surge in foot traffic and need to optimize their floor space to accommodate the increased number of customers.

Easy Installation

The installation of industrial shelving is straightforward, with adjustable shelves that can be customized to meet specific storage requirements. These shelves can be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing for flexibility and adaptability in changing storage needs. It’s boltless and takes very minimal time to set up.

Overall, industrial shelving provides efficient storage solutions for various industries, ensuring optimal organisation, accessibility, and safety for stored items. With its robust construction and versatility, it is a reliable and cost-effective option for businesses looking to maximise their storage capabilities, so why not enquire today on our industrial shelving section of our website as we offer savings on bulk orders!




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