Home Storage Solutions Inspiration

Home Storage Solutions Inspiration

Keeping your home looking tidy can be a nightmare when you have so much lying around the house, so it’s important to have good storage units to store any items you do have. Whether it be in your living room, bedroom or even kitchen, it can be difficult to keep your home looking tidy with items lying around everywhere.  

Where to Start With Storage…

At Rhino we offer many boltless racking and shelving options which are multipurpose use. However, people often turn a blind eye to using the racking within their homes and focus more on garage and shed use. In this blog post I will talk about some of the inspiration I’ve found that can help you style your racks in a way to look neat and tidy in your home, whilst getting the full potential of them. Our racking is sturdy and clean looking, perfect for the home storage.

Where Could I Use The Shelves?

Our shelves are multi-purpose, we can advise people to use them in:

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Porch

What Unit Would Look Best In My Home?

Currently we offer 3 colours to choose from in our range: blue, black and galvanised, which gives more options when looking into home use. With black, it can go with the design of any interior and look extremely smart and chic. This photo is an example of how the racking can look in a home. Not only can it give more space to place items, but also looks so tidy in your home.

How Do I Choose the Right Shelving Size?

Our racks also come in a range of different sizes and widths which means they can fit in any rooms whether they are big or small. On our all shelving option on our website you can browse our large range of options. When choosing a shelving option for your home it’s important to measure how much space you must work with, as well as how much you want to place on your shelves. We offer many ranges of widths, lengths and depths within our shelves so it can fit to your needs.

Galvanised Storage Inspiration

Galvanised shelving is one of the most popular colours for home storage. This picture gives some inspiration into how a more galvanised shelf may look in your home.

This colour looks great in bedrooms and suits any wall colour you may have. With the galvanised shelf you may even want to style it with plants and greenery in your bedroom to really brighten up the room. Personally, I use the galvanised shelf for décor in my room and have books and plants on it and it makes my room look so cute and aesthetically pleasing.

More Inspiration for Home Storage With Rhino

The shelving can look good in any part of your home. We have customers use our shelving for all types of things and we love how creative people get with their shelving in their homes. A lot of customers who have kids have purchased our shelves for playrooms as well as they are great for organizing toys to avoid mess. We also have seen many use our shelves to store their pet animals such as snakes and spiders (it makes a great home for them!).

However, you decide you want to organise your home, we have you covered here at Rhino, and we love when our customers really get unique with their #StorageGoals!

Shelving For Offices

Whether you have your own office in your house or you’re a company needing storage space, we got you. Our boltless shelving can be perfect for holding all your folders and office supplies to keep it looking tidy.

At Rhino, we have the storage supplies for you, for whatever you need. Don’t be afraid to be creative with Rhino as our products are made for anything you need. It’s time to organise the house this summer so why not start now, with Rhino. Check out our website now for our whole range…oh and we offer free shipping just for you.

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