Getting your Garage Organised this Spring

Getting your Garage Organised this Spring

Is your garage looking a bit worse for wear? Can’t even get to anything in it? I bet you definitely can’t park your car in there. Well, this Spring we want to help you change that. Spring Clean is the BEST time to get your garage looking neat again and it can be so easy when you follow our quick and easy steps, using our helpful heavy-duty garage shelving.


Let’s begin

First things first, you need to conduct a plan. No matter how big or small your garage may be, you need to plan exactly how you are going to organise it. It’s always helpful to have a goal in mind, whether this be to declutter, fit your car in, have a deep clean, tidy all your belongings, or maybe all four!

Visualise in your head exactly how you would like you garage to look once it’s finished, and by having that end goal you have something to work towards.


Get your bin bags

It’s time to declutter and get rid of any old items you do not need. Make three piles to work with: keep, bin, and give to charity. Having a garage declutter is a great time to give to charity, so take any old items that you haven’t touched in years and pop them in your bin bags. A study in 2023 claimed the average adult hasn’t decluttered their home in two-and-a-half years, so now is the perfect time. The unused items in your garage may be the difference in fitting your car in and having no more room!

Now grab yourself your favourite cleaning items and begin to have a deep scrub, making sure no cobwebs or dust is left and you can start from a fresh slate.


Rhino Racking is here to save the day

Now your garage is looking spotless, it’s time to get up your Rhino Racking boltless shelving. Our heavy-duty garage shelving is so easy to build, and holds up to 1000kg of evenly distributed weight, meaning your items can be stored away safely. Our garage shelving units are exactly what you need to help transform your garage, no matter how big or small it is.

If you have a smaller garage, we have slimline garage shelving units perfect to store away your items, even with a smaller amount of space. For those bigger and bulkier items, our extra-deep garage units can fit those in perfectly. So if you have Christmas decorations, large gardening tools or huge boxes to store away, we have you covered.

Thousands of customers have transformed their garage using our racking systems as it is the easiest way to store away your items, whilst making your garage look so neat and tidy. It is the perfect way to save floor space and can also make it 10x easier to find all of the items you keep in your garage.

Maintaining your tidy garage

In order to maintain a tidy garage, try and set out time to clean it at least once every 2-3 months. This means you can get on top of your organisation and ensures your garage won’t turn into a messy tip again.

A top tip would be to have garage zones, and colour labelled boxes to ensure you know where everything belongs in your garage. This makes things such much easier to find your belongings, as well as maintaining the cleanliness.


Ready for Spring

Now your garage is ready for Spring, you don’t have to dread the hotter weather, as your garage will be so tidy to find anything you need. Your bike, garden tools and old paddling pool will all be ready to get out for the hotter days!

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