Get Organised This Bank Holiday Weekend

Get Organised This Bank Holiday Weekend

The hunt for your perfect storage solutions is over! Here at Rhino we want to help you get organised this Easter bank holiday with our ultimate bank holiday organisation guide.

By purchasing the right shelving for your home, garage, or garden, you can begin to utilise your space and get organised. And, as the weather begins to get warmer, and the nights get lighter, it is the PERFECT time to start your Spring cleaning this weekend.


Where to begin?

It’s time to plan your Spring clean! This is so important as creating a checklist of all the tasks you need to do can make your Spring clean more manageable as you can tick your tasks off as you complete them. Make sure you don’t rush your cleaning and can spread out tasks across the whole weekend to ensure you’re getting things done efficiently.

Make a list of things you need to help you complete your clean: tools, cleaning products, bin bags or even paint. By having this sorted before you even start can help kill a lot of time.


It’s time to declutter

The dreaded time has come to declutter, and it is important you declutter all of your rooms, your garage and even garden. Studies show the average adult in the UK has not decluttered their home in two and a half years, and therefore there may be several items you need to let go of. 

Most people hold onto clutter, despite not using the items in years and 14% of people admit to having clutter as they do not have time to get rid of it. By setting out an amount of time to declutter, and having a helping hand, you can save so much space in your home by decluttering your old items that you never touch.


Time to clean

It’s time to grab your favourite cleaning products and give your home a good scrub!

Giving your home a general clean should brighten your space massively, but don’t forget to clean your windows, wipe down your woodwork and clean all of the limescale built up over the years. All of these jobs may be tedious, but they will leave your home looking sparkling.


Build your new shelving

Rhino Racking boltless shelving is not only so easy to assemble, but also so quick too, meaning not much time will be needed to set up your new shelves, and you can continue your Spring clean.  Whether you’re wanting some sleek shelving for your living room, or doing a huge garage clean out, we have a range of shelving solutions to help organise your items.

Our shelving is so easy to build, and our instructions can be found in between the MDF boards. We also have our instructions online which can be found here. We do advise having a helping hand whilst building your shelving to make it easier, but it can be done on your own too.


Begin your organisation

Our top tip for organising your garage would be to grab storage boxes to organise your items in. You may even want to colour coordinate these boxes, separating your items into sections (for example tools, Christmas decorations, cleaning products and old books and files). Your boxes can easily slide on your shelves once built and it makes it so much easier for you to navigate your items, as well as it looking so much tidier.

This tip can also be utilised in all of your rooms, as separating your items into categories can make it easier to find your items, as well as making your space look the most organised. Our shelving is perfect for your living room, kitchen or even bathroom, to store away your items and utilise the space in those rooms. A lot of our customers use their shelving as shoe racks, towel racks, bookshelves or even a place to store their cutlery. Shelving is the most efficient way to organise your items whilst looking tidy.


Spring clean COMPLETE

After completing your Spring clean this weekend, you will feel so much better and organised. A tidy home equals a happy mind and this Spring, no mess means no stress with Rhino. We want to help you have the easiest Spring clean with our range of storage solutions. No matter how big or small your space may be, we have something for everyone to get organised this Bank Holiday weekend.

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