Bank Holiday Organisation Made Easy

Bank Holiday Organisation Made Easy

Happy May! As we are nearly halfway through the year, we are welcoming better weather for Spring, as well as two bank holidays this month (how exciting). This May bank holiday is the perfect opportunity to really organise your home or garage and we are here to help. Not only do we supply easy to assemble, boltless, garage shelving, but we also have a sale on!

Organisation has never been easier with Rhino, and we want to help you through your Spring Clean every step of the way.


Bank Holiday Fun

As the UK finally sees some sunshine, it seems the perfect time to get outside and organise your garage or garden. The bad weather has been putting off everyone’s Spring Clean, but this week there are no excuses.

So grab your cleaning products and your favourite feather bower, cause we are going to help you finally get your Spring Clean started.


Garage Organisation

50% of homeowners state their garage is the most disorganised place in their home as this is usually caused by a build up of lots of clutter. De-cluttering always seems to be very daunting, but it can be so easy (especially if you get someone to help you do it).

Our top tip is to organise your items into three piles: keep, bin, and donate and this will help you eliminate which items you can actually get rid of. There will be many items in your garage that haven’t been used in years, and it’s time to finally let go!

The less clutter you have, the more space you have for your items, the more organised it will look. We have the perfect storage solutions to help organise all of the items in your garage, as we sell a range of heavy-duty garage shelving, in a range of sizes and colours.

Not only are our garage shelving units heavy-duty, but also durable and built to last, meaning you can store your items safely, no matter how big or bulky they may be.


Home Organisation

Our shelving units are not only limited to garages and gardens, as many of our customers love to get creative with their shelving in their homes. From shoe racks to mini aquariums or even a space to keep your books and files in your home office, we have the shelving for you.

We offer slimline, wide, or extra-deep shelving to ensure your items are stored away safely, no matter how big or small your rooms may be. When Spring Cleaning your home, the same rules apply, begin by de-cluttering your room and getting rid of all the items that you don’t use any more and the rest of your cleaning will become easier.

Clean one room at a time to make it easier for yourself, starting off with the biggest rooms (living room and kitchen) and then onto your smaller rooms. Once your home is looking spotless, you can install your new home shelving, and watch your home begin to look transformed.


Why not start?

What is stopping you? Order now and get the best storage solutions for your home and garage. Spring Clean has never been easier with Rhino, and we know exactly how to keep your home tidy. It is so important that you have regularly clear outs every six months, to keep on top of your organisation and make sure your clutter does not build up!

For more storage and organisation tips, read our other blog posts here.

Happy Bank Holiday everyone, we hope you have an amazing Spring clean!

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